This time round, VyniQue’s retail therapists got outta SG to a place where “East meets West’, Hong Kong.


There is no denying that Hong Kong women’s fashion is as interesting and varied as its shopping offerings. I had a pretty hard time trying to come out with descriptions on their fashion style, because I couldn’t spot any except each and everyone has their own individual style. They are bold in expressing their individual style, fashion forward looking and enjoy dressing up which I find rather refreshing.

We are going to share with you the Top 3 shopping destinations in Hong Kong:

1. Causeway Bay

Probably Hong Kong’s premier shopping area, just about every square inch of Causeway Bay is covered in malls, shops and neon advertising signs. If you’re looking for the manic Hong Kong shopping experience, this is it. The area is best known for its hip, independent fashion retailers, pitched around the Fashion Walk Area. You’ll also find SOGO, Hong Kong’s biggest and best department store, and the Times Square shopping mall, one of the largest in the city. The shops and streets here buzz until past 10p.m. as locals hunt for the next great bargain. Prices in the area are honest and there are bargains to be found.

How to Get There: MTR Causeway Bay or Hong Kong Island Tram

2. Mongkok

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Far less glitzy than Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island, Mongkok is the most populated area per square meter in the world and amongst the crowded streets you’ll find a host of markets. The markets sell everything from cheap Chinese fashion, to watches, handbags and copy versions of every designer product on earth. There is even a dedicated Goldfish and Flower market. And, although they’re often slated for being full of tourist tat, which is true to an extent, particularly at the Ladies market, but you’ll still find plenty of locals nosing around, proving there are bargains to be had. Also worth mentioning is the Mongkok Computer Centre, which is one of the best places in the city to pick up cheap computer gear.

How to Get There: Mongkok MTR

3. Central

Hong Kong’s Central district is awash with cash and unsurprisingly you’ll find most of the city’s swankiest, malls, shops and boutiques nestled in amongst the skyscrapers. Many of the designers who keep a shop in New York, London and Hong Kong have their outlets here, including the iconic Luis Vuttion Shop and Hong Kong’s only Harvey Nichols and the flagship Lane Crawford, luxury department store. Also in the area is arguably Hong Kong’s most famous store, Shanghai Tang, a Hong Kong fashion label that offers contemporary Chinese designs and inside the IFC Mall the flagship Lane Crawford department store.

How to Get There: Central MTR

A peek ( or rather an eye-candy) on the metrosexual. Graphic prints and silkscreen art are making a splash in Hong Kong menswear. Chunky sneakers and skinny jeans complement these tops well:


The weather in May is kinda similar to our local weather. I managed to spot a few casual but not too boring dressing styles. One of my favorites would be the knitted loose top that comes in different colours.


& the Boyfriend’s white shirt to bring out that sexy bold image of yours.


Of course, Hong Kong’s delicacies are something that we will not miss out trying.

& yes, this yummilicious french toast is voted as the best breakfast ever by VyniQue.


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